Brad I just sat in with a great organ trio. The Charlie Wood trio.... his cd is out on gojazz. Organ trio is where it's at... what a blast. Organist invited me back to play anytime... I just may take him up on it. What a rock-solid group. Guitar plus organ plus drums... what more do you need? Playing with a solid organ trio is one thing that will make a jazz guitarist remember why he does what he does for a living... We need those things now and again. 000703
Smithersluver It an Internal Organ Eat Out!!! 001225
3scientists More unrelenting primitive canniblism. 040201
b here mr. horne plays the organ. its made by the allen organ company. last year we asked him if it was real. we had never seen any pipes. he said of course it was and showed us about 20 huge speakers that are in the wall of the chapel. I have been confused eversince about what makes an organ an organ 041012
beorn mr. horne said the organ was real and then showed us the speakers in the walls of the chapel that connect to the 4 sets of keys he plays. i don't think its real. i like pipes. but damn it does sound good 041012
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