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thieums Greetings, Friend,

I am the son of King M'bola IV of Nigeria. After the latest revolution, my father was thrown out of the throne and killed by the mobs, leaving me and my familly with a fortune of ten million (10'000'000) Nigerian Taco Powder units; that we are currently looking to get out of the Nigeria's National Taco Bank before the revolutionnarists come and get them for lunch.

My attorney, M'bono Rajapootjarha, has recommended me to contact you through internet messagery, the only safe way to contact you right now due to the circumstances. We need your help to transfer the funds to another bank account in Switzerland (The National Taco Fund of Switzerland), and will reward you with ten percent (10 %) of the Taco Powder, that is one million units (1'000'000) as a return from your help during those hard times.

For the sake of the Nigerian Taco's, please help us! May the Taco God bless you and your family up to the tenth generation. Please send us your culinary and bank details as soon as possible as well as contact information.

Regards, and Tacos Rule!

Your truly, sincerely, solonely,

M'Bola V, son of M'Bola IV, King of Nigeria
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