kaskarkaminski Every morning i would try to sing middle C as i rose out of bed...walk to my piano...nope off again. Would my pitch ever get any better? My grandfather had died a year ago, no advice from him anymore.

and one night i dreamed that i sat at my piano in the dark, gently pressing down a key....Hmmmmmmmmmm...Hmmmmmmmmm
My grandfather appeared at my shoulder and whispered "that's G flat, listen"
Hmmmmmmmmm.."Hear it? that's G flat."

I woke half expecting to find him there
but my only company was a lonely train whistle ..slowly passing by. "I wonder" i thought...could....I walked to my piano and struck g flat. It matched the trains whistle perfectly.
Now I can always find g flat and by thinking in half steps figure out what tone im hearing. G flat is my middle C!
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