yoink you couldn't taste the true flavor when you taste it through 60 miles of type 7 copper wire. the originality comes in waves,nimbly, numb, and stupid. outsiders come and go, but they will never cease to disappoint that which comes out of the funnel and into your hammer, your anvil, and your drum. cliche colloquialisms won't get you as far as you think, so set your soul on fire and boil water in your adam's apple. it surely will find you hiding in the corner next to a pile of beautiful bird feathers. the sun rises on a new day, where even the cryptic language of blathe lives on from the previous evening. 010521
paste! grab a sack lunch and false teeth, i know the symptoms. it really is a flaccid thing, this thing here, this warbird of white vaccums. nothing can stop the bellicose smell of misinformation. except electric moose pie, of course. 010619
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