Lilac just for the record:

I wasn't trying to get sympathy or say what about me or that I shoud be consoled more than he should or anything close to that. I was just putting in my 2 cents where I probably shouldn't have like usual.
Lilac shit, how did I screw that one up 030318
Lilac I must have deleted the a in the word box by accident without realizing while trying to respond to the blathe about miscarriage. 030318
Lilac always have to be the one that screws up something! :-P 030318
miscarrige I agree with you statement made on the right page. It was and should be harder for you. I would never expect to understand how you feel, eventhough I wish I could. This is a road we have to travel together. No matter how hard it gets I am with you. 030318
sirflaccid oops i signed it the name of the blathe 030318
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