jennifer I have nothing in my life worth memory 000608
silentbob none of the shows? none of the glory of the plays in the theater? nothing? 000608
jennifer those things were given to me... I did not achieve them on my own. I long to memorize a face, a kiss, a handprint 000608
silentbob then go out and make some memories. achieve things unachieveable and end your unmemorable streak. 000608
the thing in the crate i know i tread on tired ground
but for all of the things i'm glad i remember, there are two more i'd rather forget (good and bad)
silentbob i look at your couch and i look at your room and i look at your garage and i look at your bench where we watched the sunrise and i always go back to the_enchanted_place and wish i could relive everything and now i'm scaired_to_death 000703
unique butterfly am i memorable to everyone i've left behind? 010602
what's it to you?
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