thelotus i can see the future, brother. it is murder.

ever experience something so out-of the ordinary, something you might not have particularly liked, unless the curcumstances that happened had been there? leonard cohen is that for the ears.
argo amen. (Hallelujah)
Technically, Tom Waits should overlap any need for Leonard. Yeah, technically, not in my house.
j_blue i have had 3 feeder mice as pets while i was going to college

one was named leonard, i had him an nathaniel at the same time

leonard was always submissive to nathaniel, who was an evil ass bitch

leonard died first, and i had to take care of nathaniel way too long, the dick

i told my mom that i had two mice, one was evil; when i said their names, she guessed that nathaniel was the evil one
what's it to you?
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