me? nanotech
images of fractal circuits, swiss watches, beauty through complexity. a watch melts like any other, though. entropy. decay. eddies in the space-time continuum!
is he?
elimeny his hands
were like lace....
with these details...
and these veins;
like rivers-
and these knuckles;
like mountains...
i love hands.
they ARE strength.
everything you are is your hands.
and scars are so beautiful.
like pools...
like burns...
like fire...
my petty obsession
so there.
Marjorie Everything comes together
At the perfect angle
The perfect curve
the perfect touch of a cool glass finger
Nails manicured red
And dripping with vengeance
*Ziima* Small and simply delicate, yet detailed and complicated. 010213
oh lover his kingdom of regret... spinning such a web. a delicate web of intricate lies. 040218
Syrope the differences in what you need to hear, what i want to say, what i actually say, and what you actually hear 041031
kookaburra my skin is a work of art 041031
what's it to you?
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