sab creeping
like a stain

edging in

like a snake
like an oil slick

creeping in

taking over
like dirt ingrained
in a recent cut

i see you
i know what you're doing

creeping up
around my knees
like flood water
the great flood
sent to punish me
for my sins

but there is no sin
i am not sinning

standing chest high
in your creeping stand
holding my life and my friends
above my head
in an effort to keep them dry
to keep them clean
to keep then unsoiled

i have unspoilt wilderness
that i will not allow you to burn

and i will continue in what i am doing
and i will continue to say what i need to say
where i need to say it
and if you are creeping around my windows
listening in

then you will hear
what i have to say

welcome to me
you wanted it?
you got it.

and i don't care
if you like it or not.
Doar *clap clap* 040311
what's it to you?
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