:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: How many hearts did you lift today?
How many smiles did you coax?

Not that I expect you to take an inventory of those people's lives that you touch, but that I wanted you to be aware that you do touch those people's lives around you.

You have within you the ability to instill three heartbeats of joy in another person's soul with only the sincere delivery of a compliment.
starved but you won't tell me. 010905
silentbob don't even ask me why i'm crying
i won't tell you whats wrong
i'll just sit on your lap for five dollars a song
Aimee oooh bobby!!! 010905
Doar is everyone looking for someone?

or is it all a lie?

snook I'm hoping someone is looking for me, they just don't know it's me they're looking for yet. 080726
oren very_confidentially, ain't she sweet? 080727
what's it to you?
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