Raina as I hesistantly slipped under the spell of another uneasy slumber, I stopped my tossing and turning as soon as I saw the image hovering over mine eyes.
She was fluid, floating, and blowing me kisses goodbye.
alicia cold, blue and weightless
this international experiment in intimate isolation
sandra stop hovering over me faceless spirit, leave me alone, your'e evil, evil because you make me sick while you hover trying to take my soul. My soul will hover closer to the symbols of Christ Jesus to warn and ward you off me, stop hovering you poor lost soul, your hovering is completely useless at this time, leave me be in the name of Christ, go hover with those who want to hover with sadness, torment, pain, sadism, and evil, you who want to continue hovering over me, go hover the one's who like being hovered over, the prideful and those full of sick notions of their selves 050323
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