Q Inventions, by which TJ meant "ideas," are part of the common heritage of humankind, like the atmosphere, the Moon, the rest of outer space, the Antarctic, and the high seas. Nonetheless, the battle is constant to keep these things from being arrogantly appropriated by nation states and multinational corporations. 000209
somebody a gift, a curse, a remnant of something great, at least great enough to laboriously give birth to that which claims it as heritage 000417
ClairE Transcending barriers with multilingual cursing ability.

Here's looking at you, Annie111.
fall of a sparrow I like talking about this. I'm sure it annoys people who have heard it more than once.
It's like my making-lists fetish. I'm deeply interested by nationality and ethnicity and such.
So for your(my) viewing pleasure:
Belarus - father's mother
Hungary - father's father
Canada (both french and dutch) - mother's father
DON'T KNOW - mother's mother. I have to hunt her down on this one but she doesn't fully know herself. It's sad to lose things like this.
what's it to you?
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