psyki if you had some free time would you spend it with me or just waste it doing things that you don't really want to do but you think maybe it'll be fun this time well it won't be you know it never is it never ever is but you always say it'll get better you think optimistically that everything will get better well it won't you know of course you know that but you keep trying to fool yourself with your petty mind games that go nowhere 000205
Bill Oh, you know who you are, I'm glad - glad beyond glad - that you've reappeared.

And that you've posted again elsewhere, at a place that you've lead us to.

But you need to do your messages in ways that make them accessible and clear.

To be frank, for your sake and the world's, you need to go beyond the free system you've been using. That system, despite its moniker, is in its failures far removed from angelic.
Q That should have been Q. 051029
Q When you're glad, so am I. 061031
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