Grendel cobbled together from broken hands and alley cats and revved up with voodoo and car batteries and double espressos

they do not care,
they bang on trashcans
seeping anarchy from every strand of fur and every knuckle

they are not cute
but endearing in their own depraved way
Grendel "THUMP!-mrrowr."

again and again
rattling in the rafters
and smashing hapless rodents
which are easier to eat
when they have been stunned,
i guess.

Glances sharpened razor-fine by emery board scratching-post sunglasses

bijou you lost your mittens? you naughty litte kittens. you shall have no pie.

and they began to cry.
Golllum poor wet pussies, may I kiss you? 010820
Gollum err. goLLum 010820
frankenfistkitten if i got wet, the eletrical damage would be mindbending 010821
god big_electric_cat 010821
bijou 0_0 010826
Dafremen I just had to look. I'm not sure why anymore. Thank you...(exit stage left) 010826
Pacofish Atop the Hollywood golgotha
frankenfistkittens sing,
slurring their meandering speeches--
solicitations for sex or some such silly thing--when
what they mean to say
is hold me; I'm afraid.
what's it to you?
who go