Q If this is work, it is a work of fiction.

If this is not work, it is a non-work of fiction.

The player who writes imagines and sometimes, sometimes always, conjures.

Let the player who reads be very aware.
grendel hallucination by proxy 000824
tourist "Just because it didn't happen doesn't mean it's not real." Chief Broom/one flew over the cucoo's nest/ken keasey 001027
moonshine Fantasies of the fiction lies beneath this the black_and_white world of wishes for neutrality of mutts milking mayhem. 010121
Sintina The most wonderful stuff in the world 010127
kx21 Illogical, Illusive, Impossible, Irregular, Inconsistent,.... 010127
girl_jane I only wish half the things I've blathed were true...Does anybody else ever feel like they're some character in a book they're writing themselves? 020321
~gez~ get the fuck out of my face, or ill spit on it. bite your nose and watch you lie on the floor in pain. bleeding. this is how i_want_you

it feels good to blather different things for once.
screwing for virginity i dont feel like im another person on blather, but on some other sites (mainly chatrooms) i feel like a fictional character is trying to force themselv's out of some crevise of my mind and become a tangent part of the universe (as tangent as i am anyway). 021018
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