sphinxradio if fourteen thousand words aren't enough,
or you don't trust these five hundred unsent letters, then all you have to do is look at me when i look at you.

can you give me reassurance?
.fallen certain tales hesitate to bubble forth from spirit to mind to lips to fingertips......oh what adventures have sprung forth and such beautifully lascivious acts......often times getting quite messy, such wondrous hues have been painted.......the depths one goes to in order to satisfy desires can be quite dangerous if that person has certain predilections ... my blessing is a big part of the magicks that swirl within me make it quite easy to achieve that is what I wish in certain realms ... however the statute of limitations is not up on some of the more memorable escapades and teasing the mindscape by tugging forth the more ::ahem:: tame ::ahem:: tales is just asking for trouble ....

so this piece of my essence will not be shared here......it is only for those of the most closest inner circle of my temple and only then on the rarest occasion....it is not the telling of tales that draws me....it is the creation

::steps soundlessly off::
z evidence of anything is a human construct. 060509
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