a clever disguise i am one.

(Any Myers-Briggs Masters in here or is this a safe topic to discuss?)

I am sort of a cusp on E/I and T/F, though.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm an extrovert or an introvert, because a lot of times people wear me out, but other times they rejuvenate me. Depends on the person. I tend to enjoy one or two deep acquaintances rather than many shallow acquaintances, but I definitely am more of an actor than a thinker and I hate being alone.

I say I am a thinker rather than a feeler, because I tend to look at situations as analystical data rather than emotions, but I do look to make a harmonious outcome for all based on how they might feel.

The S and the J I'm 100% on.
unhinged nothing is safe around here right now because some people here have sticks so far up their asses that the stick is hitting the 'im the only one in the world whose knowledge and opinions are right' gland 120112
no reason i'm an infp, so i guess the exact opposite? but i change letters sometimes, i think 120112
srealisma i vs e varies, as well as p vs j. definite n definite t 120112
a clever disguise my "best friend" sister is an infp and she is chicken soup for my soul.

we are different in a lot of ways, but somehow we're almost identical.
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