jillian. i saw him kiss her in the haze of neon lights and cigarette smoke; i went to sleep early and stopped looking for him the next day. 020722
andru235 "My guests thought that whoever lived here was a careless person, to leave so many things lying around. They were wrong.

"There was really only one thing for them to find : the Riddle of the [Blathes]. They demanded that I show it to them.

" ``Do you think it is written on the [page] for all to see? It is hidden here, [or there], somewhere, perhaps throughout [these dialogues]. As far as you are concerned, what [these Blathes teach] can be learned [in pretty much everything I Blathe].``

"They looked and looked ... every group is the same. "

--not "c.m."
phil .... and that is my story. 051216
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