silentbob what a girl 020403
girl_jane I used to have a cat named Elsa. My mom got her and named her when we still lived in Texas. I was 5 months old when we got her. She was a nice kitty until she got old and mean... 020403
silentbob Sounds like the elsa i know
no, not really. elsa isn't old and mean...yet. ann said shes going to be an old lady and live alone and have 400 cats
bethany about 40 something vivacious 2nd husband danish 6 ft- lots of cats 020403
Eowithien (the nameless thing) One of my best friends is called Elsa. 030219
elsa "i know a girl called Elsa, she's into alkaseltzer. she sniffs it though a cane on a supersonic train. and she makes me laugh. i've got her autograph. she's done it with a doctor, on a helecopter. she sniff it in a tissue, selling the big issue. and she finds out, that no ones gunna tell her what im all about"

~ Supersonic
~~ Oasis
shh our first dog. great dane. got hit by a van. 031208
celestias shadow i love elsa 031212
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