erin. a kind alternative
to using "hate."

i don't understand people who hate.
but maybe i'm just weird.
g h o s t the nicest thing that people feel towards me

but all things have their little niches in the universe and being a prick is mine, i guess

easy enough
nonlucid i also dislike, do not hate - implies a passion i lack
except maybe stuff like racism, and when people don't understand each other, that makes me angry
and in comedies, of the genre 'romantic comedy' when there's some stupid misunderstanding leading to discontent (it even happens in shrek), that's frustrating
i don't like those
and when something bad happens to someone and it's supposed to be funny, pratfall, i don't like that either
and advertising
and television
and stupidity

but mostly not people

it should be easier to love, love everyone, with all thy heart, love thy neighbor as thyself, the second commandment they say
what's it to you?
who go