whirligirl why, you! 000704
misstree they only wish you the best.
they see your potential and they
selfishly want to awaken it.
you would not trust them
if they were not selfish.
you do not trust them
because they misestimate you,
because they don't share your
one weakness, because they
know it will need to be destroyed.
you will strain forward and
devour each opportunity regardless
because it is untihinkable not to,
because true gods_and_monsters
seldom birth themselves.

this time, you Know more.
this time, your Will is honed.
this time, you will find a different way
to Lose yourself,
and you will be found
like the last time,
and if you don't,
you have failed.
Lemon_Soda silently contemplating...

...and a little scared...
misstree it's okay to be scared.
you have reason to be.
there are very foreign Things afoot,
but don't let your fear
destroy your chance
to sieze upon more of your godself.
keep yourself firmly in hand
and follow the scents that the
beautiful_creatures leave for you.
what's it to you?
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