burden Pure. 010717
megan lying on your lap, curled up like a small puppy with you stroking my head. you have your arms around me, you whisper i love you in my ear, we're watching a quiet movie with a fire blazing in the fireplace in the corner. you kiss my hand, and my head, and you warm my heart with your simple presance, your simple being. i'm lost in this sense of reverie, lost in this feeling of awe that something this comfortable, something this PERFECT can be happening to me. you hold my poor pitiful body tenderly, you mend my wounds and heal my bruises. you make me smile. and that, perhaps, is what makes me feel cradled. 021121
megan Jesus, when I've nowhere else to turn... He cradles me in arms of grace... 021128
girl_jane I miss being... 021129
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