cam_and_andrew the greatest dog in the world
a big black furry creature from mars
ClairE Weetzie_Bat 020104
the spork talking with a fun group of people around a bar the other day and part of the discussion came to ethnic background and frankly, i don't know about anyone else, but if i hear one more person say that they are a quarter cherokee on their grandmother's side i'm gonna fuckin' scream.

i don't believe that there have ever been that many Cherokee grandmas even in the entire cumulative history of the Cherokee people

now i could understand some people claiming to potentially be the offspring of Walt Chamberlain if his claim of twenty_thousand bedpost_notches is actually true
but that's just me

i could believe that many people claiming to have been high with Keith Richards (or Robert Downey Jr. for that matter) but again, that's just me

that's my two cents for now
kelli crane wingapo! 020115
A And Witch Baby and Angel Juan 031201
girl_jane You know the Weetzie Bat books too?!

I should re-read those when I'm home for Christmas break...
The Spork Well, seeing as how I already said what comes into my Twisted Mind on this subject, I guess i can forgo the repeat. 031201
Casey Their hair tampons are AWESOME!!! 040218
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