grendel get your filthy paws off of me you damn dirty republican 000810
heel turn ick.

charlton heston's ass is a mental picture i could have lived without.

now i may be psychologically damaged for eternity
Dafremen So what you're saying is that it hasn't phased you in the least? 010811
heel turn heh

good call
god charlton heston put his vest on 011106
paste! charlton heston got his groove back 011216
blown cherry Come ooooonnnnn ppl!
Planet of the Apes!!
There is one well built man, his ass really couldn't be that bad.

god, you always have close associations with charlie, you even seen him up close butt naked?
Lurking behind a burning bush perhaps?
Teenage Jesus "Bricks? Without straw?" 020308
jackie "misdemeanor" mc cracken charlton heston got his freak on 020308
unhinged flat 151106
dafremen see also: charlton_heston_butt 151108
unhinged my inhome student's dad is making her watch ben hur tonight cause she just finished a unit about the romans at school

dafremen Pteruges don't have quite the same effect as pre-Vietnam War trousers. 151110
what's it to you?
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