bloodshotglass the dopest ghost in town. 020219
Casey He has HIV now 020220
melissah was my first love.
he had his nose and eyebrow peirced, and his skin was the color of caramel; he was mixed.
he loved Bad Religion and skateboarding, and sometimes i swore i caught him looking at the sun and smiling, just because he was happy to be alive.
when i was with him we were untouchable. nothing else mattered.

but he's gone now.

sometimes i look at the sun and i want to cry.
GibbyPhD i shall call you Casper
for you exude the presence of a kindred spirit
and at times enter straight through me,
into my heart-strings, my essence, my psyche
and pull from it, snippets, pleasures, and ideals
that I would prefer to possess as my own,
but in your hands I quaver, that invading comfort of butterflies,
as if just passing through my own personal Phantom
and in all of this musing, I have one thing to contemplate
shall you continue haunting me day by day?
what's it to you?
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