mikey anyone remember watching this?

there was that one character Gnu. gary Gnu?

or remember Picture Pages with Bill Cosby? my mom would order the paperback books me and my brother would sit and go along with the show heehee
twiggie awww i miss captain kangaroo! 010312
dafremen Gno Gnews is Good Gnews with Gary Gnu.

Was that New Zoo Revue?

I loved that show, as an adult.
mikey yeah thats it! i watched it even into adulthood myself. i admit it. 010312
tourist Mister Green Jeans (who cross dressed into a dancing bear)
Mister Moose (ping pong balls)
Bunny Rabbit (never spoke just tapped his head on the counter,like a spastic drunk)
Tom Teriffic (wore a magic funnel as a hat)
Mighty Manfred the wonderdog (Narcoleptic hound)
Cripes My Head Is Full Of This Crap!
zeke mister green jeans was frank zappa's father 080813
zeke actually not. urban legend based on a song by zappa called son of mister green jeans. sorry. 080813
UncleMeat Suzy Creamcheese What's Got Into You? 080814
oren Grandfather_clock
what's it to you?
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