typhoid jittering
had about 3.5 hours of sleep last night.
same the night before last.
same the night before.
been working on the same cs project for 8 hours straight
but now
i can't seem to fall asleep.
and i'm not gonna improve that average in the least bit.
havn't even had the caffeine pills today
but i think i will tomorrow
why won't i relax?
i'm not even tired.
just brain dead.
splinken i didn't go to sleep last night. stayed up all night in wide-eyed contemplation of comic books. comic books as literature. comic books as modern mythology. comic books as a witless medium, a vehicle for boobs and guns.

batman won't stay away for some reason.
Arkham Asylum is allright, but I'm gnawing my toenails in anticipation of the The Dark Knight Returns trade paperback the evil amazon monster is sending to my house.

I have to speak Italian today. Fuck. I can't even walk straight.
typhoid and and and
it won't stop!
what's it to you?
who go