counterentity a futile commodity i spend too much time on.

an entity which represents everything in my life that isn't.

the facade i hide behind. the rest i leave to blather.

screaming of happiness yet in its place is only depression. to love. to hate. to despise. to to.
not important I live in fear that someone might actually read one of mine. Maybe I should stick to handwritten journals. 030728
! New leaders of opinions and futur alienator of the mass. Blog + Google = power :) 040401
pipedream i love mine. somehow its far away enough for me to be honest, and close enough to keep it real. plus its got a 'very feng-shui' look about it, or so a dear friend said ;)

and there are some blogs that belong to some of my people that blow me away quite regularly...such a direct view into a life sometimes it can be.
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