hsg 1) garden plant having deep-pink drooping heart-shaped flowers

2) someone who is excessively sympathetic toward those who claim to be exploited or underprivileged

ergo The Sacred Heart is often depicted in Christian art as a flaming heart shining with divine light, pierced by the lance-wound, surrounded by a crown of thorns, surmounted by a cross and bleeding. 091130
unhinged bleeding hearts are my favorite flowers. my grandma grows them near her roses bushes and would send me home with pink peach roses and bleeding hearts. maybe it's also the poetry of them.

on campus in youngstown, they have albino bleeding hearts. all white.

it's kinda ironic that the part of the flower that drips down is white.
unhinged (my father calls me a bleeding_heart liberal all the time. i avoid political conversation with him at all costs. or i just abruptly change the conversation. 'i don't think we will ever agree on this dad.' he just chuckles) 091130
unhinged are blooming again

i saw albino ones somewhere around here on my walk...can't remember where. i want to pick a vaseful.
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