.fallen somewhere ... oh somewhere in all of blathdom there is a blathe .... a rather ... erm darkish blathe

it mentions something to the effect of "you will not feel the knife" or "you will not remember the knife" and it goes through a list of all the grizzly things you won't remember/feel but mentioning once in awhile the things you will remember/feel "you will remember/feel the table"

heh heh vague recollection, I know but the sudden desire to find and read it is so very there right now ...

any clues?
sweetheart of the song tra bong You could always try the "from" feature and see a list of all the blathes that have "knife" or "table" in them...or any other words you remember.

Maybe just seeing the title will spark your memory?
mood ring did you ever find this?
because now i realllyyy need to read it.
its messin with my mind...
minnesota_chris "feel the knife" is written under: fate

by a person named mahdi, whose writing blows me away!

"you will not remember my scapel" was written by DOAR in blather_operating_room

is a ninja at Google searches
kookaburra o wow.
you rock.
you are my hero...
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