kingsuperspecial I have a theory that if you get to the point where you scratch enough into the blue rumplefish that is blahhh-ther, there is a point where the record of what you have done becomes full. Like any good collection, things start to get bumped off the back of the shelf, the list being finite, and what becomes of those things that get bumped. surely there is a limit. The items that fall of could be lost forever, fallen behind the shelf, long forgotten.

sort of sad , in a way.

expect that 99.9% of what I scrawl is meaningless shite. but it's sad for the rest of ya, let me tell you, boy.
User24 as the list is held in a database, there's no limit as far as how the data is stored, however, there obviously is a limit, which would be based on size of harddrive, or, more likely, the server's settings for this website's webspace and db size. 030927
meta meta 060304
dosquatch Even with sufficient disk space, it is possible for the number of records to overrun the index key's datatype. This actually happened to slashdot a couple years back.

Not saying this is in any way likely, just possible.
hsg i know my list is not even close to all my blathes. 100106
blue_eyes_after_you cracks the_embodyment_of_everything_that_could_possibly_h

the blather_oracle is heavy today
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