the fire inside i long for a blank blather all of my own. where i am free to frolic among the nothingness of anti-words. i would invite selected people....maybe.

but then again, if no-one else was here, i'd be alone everywhere.

(alone of course has nothing to do with whether there are people around)
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workinprogress. the dynamic of the blather community is an intriguing one

revelations of intimate feelings and secrets abound, catalysed by anonymity

the foreverness makes for careful words
this is a place to revere

silent confession hidden in the deep_blue_sea

but i know where to find it
hel sometimes i arrive back here after long periods of time and, finding the posts of years ago, i am surprised by my thirteen_year_old_self

days of less careful_words
FA113N Blather used to be a message in a bottle. A page on which to scrawl one's love.

Now it's an empty hollow room, and all I can hear are echos
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