deb lost wihtin the swirling madness
of these thoughts of you
i long for some security
but wonder...

are you capable?

once upon a nightmare in my
waking, not in dreams,
you stealthily crept within the
bars and like a bandit
swept my heart away
for months i lived in the happy haze
of love
-or whatever that silly thing is called-
balloon dreams popped so quickly
while, in ripped shards,
i tumbled into ground-

'twas you who stole my heart away
but now what can i do?
i want-
but i know-
and yet...

oh, (sigh), how i miss your touch
brett smokey and the ... 000307
Jack Where do you get your material're so good! 001126
deb where oh where...
i get my material from
the perpetual
of being 900 miles apart
from my other half,
the one that keeps me sane-
the one that tore my heart apart
by thinking he could cheat-
the one that kept me distracted
until i found my match,
the one 900 miles away...

what's it to you?
who go