Strideo _______________________________________________________________
His eye gazed through the hazy brume,
he searched for what he could not find.
Not sight nor sound of her in the misty gloom
and so along the path his feet did wind.

Along the way upon a branch there hung the brightest cloak of red.
He plucked it from it's perch and drew in it's enticing scent.
This new clue brought him hope yet filled him full of dread.
With the precious cloth tucked away, to his task he went.

An underscore of sorrow was all that he would see.
Pure white skin with accents of the darkest crimson lines,
he found her limp and bloody underneath a tree.
Filled with rage and sorrow he would make them suffer for their crimes.

He would sink his blade into his foes in search of sweet revenge
and in this quest his mind would break and at last become unhinged.
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