dot is a step-by-step guide out of the hell called time. if you go through it, even if you dont think you understand it, you can make progress.
it's like our ego is our souls tied in knots. and happiness is flowing through the a hole to be in sync with the whole. but the knot cannot get through. the course helps you take apart the knot so you can flow. it says it's a required course...for everyone. only the time you take it is up to you. so when you've had enough suffering by insisting on being this limited thing called "you", you can shed your ego. forgiveness seems to undue the insistance_on_separation by the ego which causes fear and trips forever in a dream called fear. all this hell is unreal. love is all there is. the other is a dream. you can awake yourself completely. forgiveness, compassion, eternal patience, intense light,
progressive integrative arts,
analyzing things to the
extreme until all analyses shows you that it fails and gives way to the superior intelligence of love.
Thats not the true Christ! Is a lie 050706
hsg it's the undoing of the great lie. layers of the onion. it gets to the core of things. a shift in perception to a different point of you. 050706
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