typhoid i'd say he's more horny than belligerent..
shit, he had more than 85 children! only one with more was his son, heracles, with more than 96...
i guess you have more time to screw around when you're immortal..
whirligirl mmm. according to this,
Zeus had acquired wives as his worship spread from locality to locality and he had to marry each provincial earth goddess. However, polygamy was foreign to the Greeks and unacceptable, so they had to make him promiscuous. The same majestic god who fathered seven of the great Olympians also fathered a number of human beings, and many ruling or powerful families traced their lineage to Zeus.

yawn. i like Apollo.
little wonder I named my horse Zeus. When I first got him he had the most horrible name...and he just has this presence. He needed a name to match that. I don't really care for the name Zeus, but I needed something fast and it worked for him. I usually call him Zoo or Zooey...he almost matches Zooey's personality in Franny_and_Zooey. 020128
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gja the cat in the hat came back 070301
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