Soma 1. Origin [where is it all from?]
2. Identity [what am i?]
3. Meaning [my purpose?]
4. Morality [how do i live?]
5. Destiny [after death?]
6. Knowledge [am i right?]
7. Conflict [source?]

the assignment for class, was to determine teh prevailing wordview of people in town.
We all went out, with a survey composed of these 7 basics of a person's worldview.
It was amazing, how many people are conlflicted about why they act the way they do. So media driven. they function without being sure of why. They act, and become hypocrites.
The shocking part, was when there were those who stated that they didn't believe in (a) God(s), and then, when asked what they did when they saw conflict and turmoil in their lives, turn around and said they prayed.

Know what you believe, and stick to it.
pete nothing is monolithic
nothing is purely rational
everything is imagined,
and thank gods for that!
what's it to you?
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