shiva fuzzies fuzzies everywhere
pick them from hair

pick them from underwear

if i had two bucks for each
i'd be a billionaire
ClairE There's one in my hair. 011216
Scarlet i think i found a few in his underwear 020129
Rverend Lough senior citizen pubic hair. 021227
scuzz pick pick pick
do i dare?

I found one in her underwear!
'sure is scary under there!

If i were to describe the fuzzies
Though they round me everywhere,
they would not seem so fuzzy wuzzy
Most are considered brownish hair!

Poo-stained pants are traces of these evil fuzzies, wuzzy muzzy fuzzies!
My, I'm feeling quite scuzzy!

White fuzzies everywhere, over there
Glotta, glotta, searching glottas
for my long lost fuzzy bear!
ferret oh scuzz, i have found thee through jesus (litterally) and now i must say..... white fuzzies rock!!!!

fuzzy wuzzy had no white fuzzies but i'm sure we can make up for that
canned clams make great desert for evil fuzzies
scuzz and white fuzz go so good together!
we can create all kinds of weather!
whether or not you want to is up to you
i'm gonna make a white fuzzy wanna go poo! yay!
what's it to you?
who go