points_of_light let's hope it's not an innate emotion in him coming through, but rather a word he likes. i'd imagine he likes saying it. i know i do.
reminding me of the star-crossed lovers, for some reason;
juliet and her romeo.
this is just an intro, neesh x
unhinged don't you dare fucking laugh at me
do you see my face?
do i look amused?
my fangs are dripping i am so fucking pissed right now
do not fucking laugh at me
spoken raging fury blinding
spots race in your vision
blood pumps furiously through your veins
heart pounding
cannot contain it
breathe oh breathe
find an outlet
about to burst
breaking like a wave on the shore erruption imminen
with a wash of violent fervor
let loose a scream that releases
my hostile contemp and frees me of it's clawing hold
unhinged what makes the hands curl into fists 090420
what's it to you?
who go