splinken i am a
heat seeking
jestification he did it.
and it was so cute.
he was nothing before, just a random artsy rock star....
and a childhood fear slipped upon his lips...
he stuttered.
and i fell down a bit.
and it was so cute.
maybe a weakness to store in the back of my mind...
maybe a reminder that rock stars are people too...
but it was so cute.
and i still remember,
after all this time,
smiling at him at his shows.
and he is so cute.
etoile my-my-my-my mind's such a sweet thing... 020221
Casey K-Mart sucks. Deffinatly deffinatly deffinatly sucks. 020221
bethany as learned in my abn psyc class this late evening a person's psychological past causes stuttering. It affects the brain only as a result of the psychological reasons and causing the stuttering and then it malfunctions. ok so i can't explain it right prolly coz i stutter and that part of my brain is fried, but it was really interesting to hear that it's all in your head. 020221
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