IKC 56-80 since the birdman hasn't put this one up, i guess i will

one of my most favourite joy_division songs

Two ways to choose/
on a razor's edge
Remain behind/
go straight ahead
Room full of people/
room just for one
I can't break out now/
the time just won't come

Two ways to choose/
which way to go
Decide for me/
please let me know
Looked in the mirror/
saw I was wrong
If I could get back/
to where I belong
Where I belong

Two ways to choose/
which way to go
Had thoughts for one/
designs for both
If we were immortal/
we were not there
Washed up on the beaches/
struggling for air
I see your face/
still in my window
Torments yet calms/
won't set me free

Something must break now - this life isn't mine
Something must break now - wait for the time
Something must break
what's it to you?
who go