satin doll we're all afraid of feeling small
just like we're all trying to write something interesting that the rest of us will stop and read a midst all the tons of input...cause eventually it all begins to sound the same
we're all afraid of feeling small in a place where being recognized and liked is all that seems to matter...well im fine being unknown, im happy not famous or popular...i wish we were all happy being small
megan i'm happy being small. and i read your tiny voice and was reminded of that. thank you for the special input that reminds us that we have to be who we are, ourselves, and not worry about the rest of the world. smallness... i like it. :) 021205
User24 see what I mean, megan, 2 clicks of 'go' and here I am again.

smallness is so important, if it wasn't for small people, nothing would ever get done, not just around here but everywhere.

the most important people in a school are the pupils.
whitechocolatewalrus a small person a tall person a wall person
person and people and person?
i know small [i am small]
i know tall [i am small]
and tall is small
and small is tall
it all depends upon your viewpoint
Death of a Rose or your step ladder. 040115
what's it to you?
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