shiva a day not to forget
the machine collapsed under the program it'd been given
look inside the broken shell
look inside the broken shell
to see the broken heart
they can't believe the machine was alive but we saw it bleed
we saw it bleed
the machine it falls apart and when it's cut it bleeds
the machine bleeds
she was alive

sweetheart of the song tra bong Girl with the cigarette-smoke eyes.

Writes crazy scary beautiful things about girls named Eighty and trailer park boys named Jack Daniels.

See also: Spaz-Eyes Gigi.
(for your nightmare) Secretly she is a boy and a fish and super-stretch the rubber man. 010516
professor uno i seemed to have lost my binoculars 020807
bethany she's the girlfriend of the cutest little underaged sexy dude

damnit an dhe love her like high school love

i'd be mrs robinson
what's it to you?
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