Death of a Rose are you still around?

if so ship me an e-mail.

got some questions for you.

deathofarose doh! 050726
doar dude! 060818
sameolme Hey! Hows life? 060818
sameolme Yeah I'll write soon, I'm half asleep right now. 060818
doar it's good to read your words again sameoleme. 060818
sameolme Damn! I guess I haven't been paying much attention, this blathe was started over a year ago.....annnnd you misspelt my tag...
didn't notice that either. I was a piss poor student when I went in for that kind a thing, so it figures.
doar shite! 060820
Doar ok....sameolme.

that better?

I'm rectifying things tonight.

speeeling isueies aasside.
urbas So personal. Yet so public.

Are you a voyeur if the curtains are open?
sameolme Only when you voy. 071104
Friend of Speeegles plaplaplapla! ahahaha!!!! 071105
what's it to you?
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