annoyingly insecure birdmad my shelter and my prison, the ones i cast over myself 010916
silentbob Cast 010917
distorted tendencies Overcast
The way those shadows hit her face..
The way those shadows hit his body..
Show me all your tones and infrastructures.
pilgrim Oblique, for maximum contrast
Revealing the subtle contours
Even from a distance
distorted tendencies That subtle chiaroscuro. 020325
Sonya He went off to face the shadow.

Whether or not he would return with the same fire in his heart and soul of courage was yet to be seen.

And in a lonely tower by the ocean, a light continued to glow as his guide.

The shadow would soon lift...
bespeckled It lurks in the corners of their conversation,
teen girl love drifting on the wind,
amorous affection lurking in the air,
long fingertips of affection softly pulling down,
her words pulling back into her heart
as a twirl of her hair drifts into the shadows that won't betray her demeanor
timid in tenderness can i curl up here with you?
i just want to sit at your feet and
listen to your voice as you
spin tales. the fire is warm here,
and my head on your lap will be
no more bother than a cat resting.
i would very much like for you
to paint my dreams as i doze.
mon nice, everyone.
i am watching candles spin
birdmad skinny cat, she is,

lean hungry build like a cheetah in the grasslands, not quite bony, and with a deceptive weight, heavier than she looks like she should be for such a whisper of a thing.

little black cat stalking her toys with aplomb, spring-loaded muscles tightening in sequence preparing for the imaginary kill
what's it to you?
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