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i thought "friend" would be on red already guess it wasnt so i had to make it!

friend = blather
silentbobfuckyou a true one stabs you in the front

a false one stabs you in the back, with the knife you bought for your girlfriend that he borrowed from her after he fucked her and took money off your dresser.
angie do they really exist? i think so...i hope so...they change forms. they are sometimes there...most of the time...why do i even bother? why cant i get it figured out...what are my priorities? those arent for my friends to decide. sometimes some of my friends oppress is true, they bring me down...they grab me and pull me in to their drunken world...some friendships are based on nothing at all...without a foundation nothing can build...its hollow...empty...worthless. thats what the four has turned out to be...first there were four...then there were there are two...soon there will be one. pray for that day. 020120
blue star A friend doesn't pull shit on you. The thing is, no one can be a friend all the time. We're all human. You choose your friends by deciding whose humanity you can deal with.

As a side note, if they can't deal with your humanity, they're not friends...
Webley Now I know I have only one. 020511
pralines&cream you know, I put a lot of stock in how people talk to me and the kinds of things they say to me.

friends don't say things like that. if you ever do plan on being my "friend" again, i won't be able to forget how shittily you spoke to me. how can a man have such little respect for his friend?
pralines&cream may i add, that what you said hurt. 020626
pete australopithicus, friend to the end. but it's over, over over again..

you wanted to chase 'round the cat and the dog while they were playing like that.

what's the matter, friend?

australopithicus, friend to the
mcdougall I keep thinking
I don't know why
but I think I want to be your friend and I don't know why
I don't know you
I see you as a whole
in body on odd days of the week
but on occasion I really see you
Not as a whole, not at work, not indisposed
Youre barefoot so much of the time
Are you not comfortable in shoes?
Are you not comfortable in your shoes?
I keep thinking about being friends
with you
but I don't know you
I don't know what you are
I don't know if I know how to be your friend
How do I become a friend?
Have I forgotten how to make friends?

Its tough and I don't know why but I think it's got something to do with not being immersed in a social/academic scene. All I have here is work and work is strange bizarre different weird to me
Its not a restaurant, and if it were it'd be more comfortable. For me. Id know co-workers and customers and the customers are the variable and what makes it changing and attractive.
Here at work its nintyfive percent constant.
Why can't I make a friend?
I have clay
and hands
I can't be a friend with clay hands
As much as Id love it
I need peers
Endless varied peers
I can't work in constant
I can but thats all I do
I work
I can
What do you call someone who is only a work friend? Why is there a barrier?

So I cut through the shelves
and come across you at work and the tree branches are blown by a strong gust and the leaves at our feet and on the trees shake. It frightens me to feel so tense and disillusioned, there aren't any trees or branches, only carpet samples and books and the wind gushing out of my lungs silently longing to be audible, and your whisper of breath that must be there because you are alive and even though you are something else your wind is still breath and it's blowing me away. and Im still to dumbfounded to push on.
You are distance
and I am a star gazer
content with looking up, longing to know more and seeing the familiar constellations that I made up to feel connected
can we be friends
is it that simple
is that all it takes to leave the ground.
no reason she thinks you're not worth my time, even as a friend
which i realize, but because of our connection, still makes me sad
n o m i have a friend who helped me, she is a musician, she has put out twelve albums, and once toured with elliott_smith. she helped me with rent this month, told me artists should always help other artists. 100104
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