Allison is that how you spell it? anyway, i like my pudge. hell, i like your pudge too. 991209
apr!l al! you're pudge-o-licious, and you know it! 000124
silvre it can be sexy. . . the girl in pulp fiction who wanted a pot belly! 000709
silentbob i know a boy who is really cute. his face is so squishy and freckled, he has red hair, and this sweet voice and says funny things all the time. people call him pudge, and i don't know if he likes it. They also call him Joffry. I just try to call him jeff, so as not to offend him. hes a cute little freshman boy, who is funny beyond his years. 010517
Casey I think it is Geoffrey. I've known Jeff longer than most people. He used to be this really snotty and whining brat. Now he has blossomed into something greater. We luv ya Jeff, happy birthday 010609
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