squint her arms were bent
like used twist ties
and she posed a question
with those expressive lips.
she wore it
like others wear their hearts,
she modeled her wonder,
strutted wide eyed
daring her curiosity
to take hold of her life
so she'd have direction,
but she didn't know
that forward was the only answer
life could ever give
and so she lived complete
without knowing
she had all she'd ever need.
phil today 020729
starry eyes am i good enough to sing
does it matter that i dont know the words
or that my voice isnt very beautiful
jayseehc the most beautiful song is the song with no words at all.

the most beautiful song is the song that you sing with your life.

some lives don't sing.

some hearts don't hear.

some lives will tear.

some hearts don't dream.

some lives sing folk songs, some lives sing rock songs. some lives don't sing. every heart has a different story to tell.

your life is your opus.
you've written it well.
what's it to you?
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