misstree succulent fruit, rounded and ripe and spilling over with nectar, mated with slish of deepest seas and inscrutable glossy eyes, somewhere in the deepest folds of the seat of sex is the essence of nourishment, of pits hidden and silver flashing beneath the surface, of primal salt and prettiest fruit... this is no pussy, no cunt, no vagina and no cooter, it is a peachfish in truest form, musky and insistent, and almost always joyfully ravenous. 040105
realistic optimist ( *** wakka wakka wakka 040106
realistic optimist hrm aparently the left pointed bracket is not allowed, i was trying to make a pacman in ascii. oh wells... anyway this is the most wonderfully concise name for such a beautifully insatiable hungry slot that i must give tom robbins severe props. and may he find the powerup to turn all his ghosts into delectable treats. 040106
Armed to the Teeth gorgonzola wants more peachfish 040110
powderknife "Lapping it up, new heights reached
For you to take, for me to teach
Sucking you dry, sucking your peach
Eat it up, eat it up, eat, eat, eat"
from the "The Peachfish Collection" by Steven M. Underhill copyright Powderknife Publishing 1995
powderknife p.s. the masculine equivalent is The Rubberfish also featured/originated in "The Peachfish Collection" Both symbolic inventions referring to the male and female genetalia 040208
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