mythological birdmad god of dreams and sleep 020307
webscraps it's also that peer-to-peer sharing program from musiccity that people use to download mp3s 020307
blown cherry but winmx is better

did you choose the red pill or the blue one?
jackie "agent smith" mc cracken why oh why didn't i take the blue pill? 020308
three words enhancers pretty_like morpheus 051104
zeke Riff Raff

The darkness must go
Down the river of night's dreaming
Flow morphia slow
Let the sun and light come streaming
Into my life, into my life
Lemon_Soda Lord of sleep, our connection to
behind the stage
when we wear no masks
study our lines
commune with eachother
and the endless symbology
of that other world

a kingdom we spend
a whole third of our lives
and think about its what ifs
the rest of the time
we have

OH, Weaver
Lord Shaper
Prince of Stories
Keeper of Symbols
Crafter of Truth and Lie

Watch over me
as I pass between night and day
walking the roads
with no end
what's it to you?
who go